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ReCharging Your Batteries

How do you re-charge your batteries? What do you do when you notice those signs that it is time to take a break? Do you even notice them?

This weekend was a self-care weekend for me. I had planned to take a 4-day weekend about a month ago and was looking forward to this time. I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do for the weekend with some day-trips planned as well as time for relaxation. I have had a very stressful few months and this time was not optional for me, but necessary in order to unplug and recharge.

On Friday, I went on a road trip with a friend and spent time absorbing nature. Time in nature is something that feeds my soul so I like to include this when doing self-care. Time talking with a good friend, which unfortunately doesn’t happen as often as it should was also needed. I was fortunate to end the day with a massage – you know – one of those you find at as an amazing deal and purchase thinking I’m going to save this for a time I will need it in the future. Cashing in on the opportunity for a massage was wonderful!

Saturday I had a great day planned. I was going to be so productive and complete everything to prepare for the week ahead. Unfortunately, I woke up sick and was unable to do the things I had planned to do. I did, however, listen to what my body needed, which was extra sleep and down-time to recuperate. On these days, my body speaks to me and tells me what it needs to be at its best.

On Sunday, I was able to reengage with nature in the form of an apple orchard and a sunflower field. Picking apples brought back good memories & sunflowers are always so cheerful! The time in nature was relaxing without the rush of a schedule or a place to be.

My fourth day off was Monday, which was Labor Day. I decided to forego the traditional cookouts and obligatory conversations and spent the day slowly completing the tasks I needed to for the remainder of the week. My progress was much slower than normal and I added a nap in the middle of the day.

I was very conscious over this weekend to engage in things which filled me up and to attempt to reduce the things which did not. I was able to get adequate amounts of rest to recharge my body. I engaged in stimulating conversations with friends to engage my mind. I interacted with nature to feed my soul. This my friends, is what we refer to as wellness…engaging and feeding the body, mind and spirit in order to be our best selves.

When was the last time you recharged your batteries? Maybe as we enter into this fall season, you can set aside some time to do just that. Remember, it is not a luxury, but a necessity!

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