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How a small decision can make big change

How do you respond to new opportunities?

  • Are you an embracer - you jump on the opportunity and ride it as long as you can???

  • Are you a thinker - you take your time, weigh the pros and cons of the opportunity, after sleeping on it you make an informed decision???

These two people are led by two different parts of the body; one by brain and the other by heart. One is often impulsive the other is often reserved.

Which one is right, you may ask yourself...

That depends on you, your goals and those who depend upon you as well as the situation. There are times when being spontaneous is absolutely wonderful and can lead to new experiences that you may not have otherwise had the opportunity to witness. There are other times when being impulsive can mean that you lose everything you once held dear in life.

Is the way you respond to opportunity the right way for you at this moment in your life???

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