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How can you save your marriage before it even starts???

In today's society with over 50% of marriages ending in divorce, is it possible to"save" your marriage before it actually begins?

Research shows that it is possible, if you ask and truthfully respond to a set of seven questions. According to practitioners/researchers/authors - Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott, It is possible to ask the right questions before getting married so that you are on the same page as your spouse as you venture into this new adventure called marriage.

Why do I bring up this question? I am being trained in completing marriage assessments through SYMBIs and I am so very excited to be able to share these with clients as we journey toward a new beginning.

The marriage assessment is one of the best I have ever seen & asks each partner a series of 300 questions which is then matched to their partners answers to see how on point they are with the specific areas of life.

How does this help a marriage?

It identifies the specific areas which a couple needs to work on in order to ensure a healthy marriage in the future.

This assessment is called "symbis" or "saving your marriage before it starts". It is for couples planning to be married or recently (within the past 5 years) married couples.

If you or someone you know is planning to get married, please feel free to contact West Shore wellness for pre-marital counseling including the symbis assessment. Your healthy marriage will thank you!

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