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Hitting the Wall...

As we go through life, many times we keep on going with all of the work/kids activities/family responsibilities/community involvements, and we forget to stop and take the time we need for us to be our best selves. We go and go and go, until we cannot go any longer. We hit the proverbial wall. What ensues is some essential self-care to help us get back to being us. Extra sleep, eating better, and taking some “me” time are all ways of self-care which are necessary to help us get back on track.

Why is it that we hit the wall in the first place? We over crowd our schedules, over commit our time, and take on too many obligations until we cannot go any longer. We’ve all heard about a good work/life balance, but in recent years, this has become essential in my life. When my commitments outweigh my self-care time, I have found that my work suffers, my relationships suffer and my physical health suffers. Throw into the mix any chronic physical health issues, mental health issues or relational issues and you have a recipe for disaster. Commit to doing something today to take care of YOU that will help you be the best version of you not only for yourself, but for those who love and care about you!

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